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The ENC-Teacher Exchange is a program introduced and developed in 2012 by Egg Nutrition Center, science division of The American Egg Board in Park Ridge, Illinois, to create, share and promote
innovative lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, videos and other teaching tools that enable teachers for students K thru 12 to convey the perils of obesity and the lifelong benefits of good nutrition and regular exercise.

Member sign-up (for no charge) and membership services relating to ENC-Teacher Exchange are overseen by membership manager Linda Tinoco.  Please contact her anytime at:
E-mail: info@encteacher.org
Phone:  708-974-3153
Creative ideas for teaching tools to fight obesity, as well as all matters relating to this web site, story development and video production can be sent to program manager John LeGear:
E-mail: info@encteacher.org
Phone: 708-974-3152

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