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"Fit Nut" success at Andrew High School"

How and why 'Fit Nut' works for students

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A 21st century fitness-nutrition program that students like

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Family and consumer sciences teachers know well that healthy bodies require a steady diet of both good food and physical activity, and few school-based fitness and nutrition programs in the United States have been more successful conveying that lesson to students than at Andrew High School in Tinley Park, Illinois.

ENC-Teacher Exchange is proud to share Andrew's "fit-nut" program with school administrators and nutrition educators who may wish to develop something similar on their own campus.  Andrew's fit-nut program was first developed about a decade ago, then upgraded six years ago when family and consumer sciences teachers Sarah Szablewski and Julie Ziel, among others, paired one-hour fitness classes with their school lunch programs, and graded students on a point system based on the nutrition quality of food and beverages that students brought to school. 

School administrator Natacia Campbell says the program has grown from 50 students per semester at Andrew to more than 200, and has been replicated throughout the school district.  One pivotal key to success, Campbell explains, is that parents are inherently pulled into the program because they must shop for healthy foods to ensure good lunches, and thus good grades, for their teenagers.  That connects the school-based "fit-nut" program with the family kitchen, essentially making nutrition viral.

ENC-Teacher Exchange is a program developed by Egg Nutrition Center, science division of The American Egg Board in Tinley Park, Illinois.  ENC-Teacher Exchange is approved and being shared by the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences based in metro Washington, D.C.

Downloadable teaching aids for Andrew HS "Fit Nut" program

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