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Deconstructing Obesity: Pediatrician Ron Kleinman, MD

A leading pediatrician's insights into obesity in America

Ron Kleinman, MD, Physician-in-Chief
Massachusetts General Hospital for Children (Boston)

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Breakfast Menu Suggestions
by Dr. Ronald E. Kleinman, MD

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Featuring Dr. Ronald E. Kleinman, MD

Physician-in-Chief, Mass General Hospital for Children in Boston

ENC-Teacher Exchange, a program developed by Egg Nutrition Center, science division of The American Egg Board in Park Ridge, Illinois, is proud to present "Deconstructing Obesity," a rare up-close interview with one of America's leading pediatricians, Dr. Ronald E. Kleinman, Physician-in-Chief at Mass General Hospital for Children in Boston, Mass. Dr. Kleinman offers his perspective on the obesity epidemic that began to take root in the United States shortly after World War II and brings the topic into the 21st century.  ENC-Teacher Exchange shares Dr. Kleinman's valuable insights with family and consumer sciences teachers, among them the estimated 3,000 teachers who are members of the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences, to shed light on the reasons that 30 percent of America's children, and 60 percent of adults, fall into the category of "overweight" or "obese."  Dr. Kleinman provides an update on measures being taken around the globe to remedy what most health care providers today agree is a global obesity epidemic. 

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